Paisaje Público


Sergio Gilabert

General Coordination + Artistic Direction

Go out and enjoy yourselves! (Johan Cruyff)

Francesca Ceccotti

Theatre Coordinator

“In freedom, like the little birds
In freedom, let no one ask me, where it’s going
Roads and frontiers I would like to be
Quisiera ser” (Song by Inti-Illimani, John Williams and Paco Peña)

Macarena Simonetti

Circus Coordinator

“One always goes back to those places where one loved life” (César Isella)

Javier Pañella

Graphic identity + Web design

Mauricio Barria

Content coordination

Makarena Marambio

Community and International Liaison Officer
Paisaje Público


(ES) Heny Roig Monge

(ES) Productora general Programa de AAEE Itinerantes

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(ES) Daniel Marabolí

(ES) Dirección Artistica Programa de AAEE Itinerantes

(ES) Josefina Cifuentes

(ES) Producción Técnica Programa de AAEE Itinerantes