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The main objective is to create a specific training for artistic creation in the public space in an interdisciplinary way. In general, training in street arts is absorbed by the aesthetics of street theater, without embracing the multidisciplinary character of street arts and public space today. In this way, it is necessary to reconceptualize the evolution of street arts both in their technique and in their discourse. In this way, the projects developed in this field will improve in their methodology and quality. It is important that disciplines such as circus, theater and dance can observe the crossings and frontiers between them.

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Dialogues and research in times of stage crisis

Creation program and public spaces

The Program of Creation and Public Spaces: Dialogues and research in times of scenic crisis is an instance created by CÉLULA of scenic creation and research, a group formed by Ébana Garín, Sebastián Squella, Ignacia Gonzalez, Ignacio Tolorza, Samantha Manzur and Sergio Gilabert, authors who develop different lines of work regarding the stage and who meet in 2017 in the context of the Program of Stage Direction (PDE) organized by Goethe Institut Chile and Fundación Teatro a Mil. Since then they have built a constant dialogue regarding their processes of direction, research and stage creation, with the aim of strengthening the spaces for meeting and discussion that allow them to nurture the processes of each authorship. In 2021 they meet under the context of the serious pandemic crisis with the purpose of giving continuity to dialogue, experimentation and creation in response to current conditions. How to advance artistic and cultural practices in the pandemic?

Participants 2022
Camilo Navarro / Paula Lizama / Cecilia Yáñez / Camila Roeschmann / Olemma Leyton / Laura Pfennings / Laura Espinoza / Rodrigo Calderon / Pamela Mendoza

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January 15 to 19, 2021
Mapocho Station / Chacabuco Square

Practical laboratory focused on analyzing the urban space, the limits of the public and private, the control of urbanism over the bodies, and how this converges in the result of our inhabiting or passing through the urban landscape. The invitation of the workshop was to explore in one’s own body the possibilities of subverting this order through play, building an aesthetic and fun imaginary of the group’s own experience throughout the workshop. The workshop was held from Monday 15 to Thursday 19 February 2021, at the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center, ending with an exhibition in the commune of Independencia on Friday 19 of the same month.

Facilitator: Andrea Paz

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