Proyectos / Festival

Paisaje Publico Fair

February 15 to 19, 2021
Public space_Santiago

The first edition of the Paisaje Publico Festival was held between February 15 and 19, 2021, thanks to the Performing Arts Fund of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. This journey through the arts and the public space of the Metropolitan Region sought to disseminate the work of outstanding performing artists who base their creation on social encounters, addressing a critical point of view regarding the problems of the contemporary city, the street and the public space.

Paisaje Público was developed as an itinerant festival project in the Metropolitan Region of Chile, which sought to reactivate cultural activity in the context of the pandemic and after the social outbreak. Artists from various disciplines were invited to adapt to the new production conditions, thus articulating a new dialogue with the urban landscape, innovating in the language of the social sphere.

Among the artists presented were: Teatro del Sonido, Complejo Conejo, Malicho Vaca, Francisco Bagnara, Carola Ureta, Andrea Paz, CirKoqoshka, as well as different territorial expressions of the city of Santiago.

Proyectos / Festival

Paisaje Público 2022

January 17 to 23, 2022
Unconventional spaces_Santiago

The second edition of the Paisaje Publico Festival was held between January 17 and 23, 2022, and was organized by the RED COMPARTIR Performing Arts Cooperative. With a more limited artistic program, projects were presented mainly in non-conventional spaces in the commune of Santiago, experimenting with the specific conditions of emblematic sites such as the National Institute, the Crypt of the Sacramentine, the Mapocho Station, the Ex Cine Arte Alameda and the CCC Center.

The participating artists were: La Laura Palmer, Paula Aros Gho, Teatro Niño Proletario, Mauro Lamanna, Ann-Leonie Niss and Mayo Rodriguez, Daniella Santibañez and Juan Peragallo.