Possible cities

Is a performance tour through the La Moneda sector in the centre of Santiago. The work uses street theatre, audio guide and performance art, with the aim of transforming the city in the eyes of the spectators through scenic, sound and performative strategies. This work asks: What capacity does art in public space have to modify the ways of understanding, inhabiting and constructing our cities? By exploring participatory strategies, Ciudades Posibles seeks to link the bodies of the spectators with the city in a different way from the everyday.

Participatory audio-travel performance in public space. This work is proposed as a set of stations in the area of Metro U. Chile and La Moneda. Each station generates participatory and interactive performances that invite spectators to perceive the city in a different way from the everyday. This work works in conjunction with the TNCH as a centre of operations and a meeting place for spectators. Possible Cities questions the possibility of constructing a different sense of space through the collective appropriation of the city. Do we really have the right to the city? What is the city we live in?

Artistic specifications
Director and stage technician: Octavio Navarrete.
Producer: Carolina Castro Faúndez.
Performer and stage technician: Paulo Stingo.
Performer and stage technician: Consuelo Miranda.
Performer and stage technician: Gabriela Basauri.

Contacto: Octavio Navarrete octa.navarrete@gmail.com