CKURI is a universal passacaglia for all audiences. CKURI was created as a result of a stage residency that took place in San Pedro de Atacama during November 2021 in co-production with Identidades Festival. The idea of going into the desert was to explore some codes of the Andean tradition while incorporating oriental aesthetic elements.

Conceived from the territory, from the periphery, and outside the big cities, CKURI offers a new reading of the street, the town square or the neighbourhood, of our common and everyday spaces, looking for the encounter, a new reading of time, a new look on the public space that will allow to reconfigure and ritualize it, thus enabling a different relationship between the artistic fact and the audience.


Once upon a time, in a mountain, there was a village of invisible beings who connected with each other through the cycles of nature. They do not let themselves be seen, but from time to time they manifest themselves in order to cleanse the energy of the villages and their inhabitants. The invisible beings, created in that instant when the green ray is projected in the centre of the horizon… at sunset. “CKURI” (Spirit of the wind) have arrived and passed through the portal, where the visible and invisible of creation are mixed. …. And the cleansing ritual begins…

Contacto: Alejandra Rojas