In COMO SE RECUERDA UN CRIMEN, the voices of witnesses and protagonists bring back, 50 years after its inauguration, the memory of the building that today houses GAM and the neighbourhood in which it is located. Take part in this audio tour that brings together performing arts, architecture, design and sound art.

How do we remember 50 years? What is the history of the Gabriela Mistral building? Do we have the right to culture, to the city, to the public? What crimes has this building been victim and victimizer of?

A mobile phone, headphones and mobile internet are all you need to carry out this collective survey. Through an audio tour, you will travel through the 50 years of the UNCTAD III building, built in 1972, which has undergone historical transformations that reflect the social changes in the country. This experience is created by the collective How to Remember a Crime, with the aim of inviting people to live an experimental stage experience and reflect on memory and the different memories that coexist both around and within this building.

Research and creation: Cómo se recuerda un crimen Dramaturgy and direction: Cecilia Yáñez Ortiz and Camila Milenka Visual and sound creation: Josefina Cerda Puga, Amanda Basáez Rodriguez, Javiera Chavez Skoknic, Melissa Thomas Pavón Original music: Francisco Sánchez.

Contacto: Cecilia Yañez y Camila Milenka