Is an invitation to play and to rediscover simplicity and ingenuity in everyday situations. A paper puppet interacts with its manipulators and with the audience, coexisting and dialoguing with its innocence. The audience initiates the play by means of play, through a paper war. The spectator coexists on the sensitive plane of simplicity, constructing a “paper” illusion from beginning to end.

SILENCIO BLANCO has distinguished itself for its meticulous work with highly expressive puppets, constructed from everyday materials such as newspaper and chopsticks.

The company articulates its productions from observation and research in the field, delving into the lives of simple people and solitary trades. Exploring through gestures and dispensing with text, they manage to transfer human movement to the puppet, provoking an illusion in the spectator to the point of transmitting the character’s heartbeat.

The emotional eloquence of their puppets as well as the depth of their themes has taken them to outstanding national and international stages.

Contacto: Dominga Gutierrez