FUEGO ROJO is a Circus-Street Theatre show, inspired by “memorias del fuego” by E. Galeano. A funeral is transformed into a pagan feast, a coffin becomes a portal through which the voices of Atahualpa and Jemanya blow, the rites of the yawar and the animitas are drawn in a rustic opera that is presented as a mirage to the public. Physical theatre and contemporary circus blend to give life to a series of dreamlike passages using the manipulation of objects, the creation of poetic images and live music as fundamental elements of the scenic language.

A Latin America under construction is presented in fuego rojo, a show that puts memory and the present in tension, without trying to answer the questions that appear to us: How much of that past have we lost? How much of it lives with us today? Is it possible to reconnect it?

La Patogallina is a street theatre company that was born in 1996 with the experimental theatrical and street work called A Sangre e Pato (Blood and Duck). The year 1999 brings the settlement of its theatrical proposal, giving shape to one of the most successful shows of the company: El Húsar de la Muerte, under the artistic direction of Martin Erazo, being the starting point of the formal organization of La Patogallina.

Contacto: Lorena Ojeda produccionlapatogallina@gmail.com https://www.lapatogallina.cl