Children seduced by consumerist fever, marginalised and without work horizons, they have made the street their home and violence their language. Recruited into guerrilla warfare, delinquency and drug trafficking, they must suffer social condemnation and fight hard for their survival. It has a stationary format with a live rock band, powerful acting and a captivating and frenetic aesthetic. Kadogo, niño soldado is a play that impacts and moves the audience, that takes place in the street and introduces spectators and passers-by to the reflection and questioning of today’s world.

The Chilean street theatre company LA PATRIOTICO INTERESANTE, has sustained since its foundation (2002), a permanent research and creation in the public space, developing a popular theatrical language, of large format and accessible to all audiences, where the image, the gesture and the music, are leveled in importance with the word.

His research focuses on the social being. The human being determined by his circumstances, but who seeks to rebel and write his own history. It is a committed, popular and street theatre that uses spectacle, irony, delirium and the energy of rock to establish a political and poetic dialogue with the spectator.

The company has premiered several shows in stationary and passacaglia Rock format: “La epopeya de Juan el Crespo” (2003), “El Jabalí” (2005) and “Kadogo, niño soldado” (2008). And three deambulatories: “La Guerrilla Carnaval” (2005), “La Larga Noche de los 500 Años” (2010) and “La Victoria de Victor” (2012). He has also created the international seasonal play “La ira de los peces” (2014), commissioned as the opening show of Fira Tarrega 2014, with a Catalan and French cast. (2015) created in co-production the works “El Gramofono, surcos de la memoria”, with the collective La Patogallina as the closing show of the Festival Stgo a Mil 2015. (2017) part of the

Company travels to India to meet with various local artists to create “Sari Rosa” as part of the ITFOK Festival 2017. (2017) “La Gran Amenaza” (2018) “Rio Revuelto”, a play created especially for the Maule region. (2019) Mi Fuego; Delirios Teatrales para Niñxs, the Company’s first family show and exploration in co-direction between Pablo de La Fuente and Ignacio Achurra.


Contacto: Katiuska Valenzuela katiuska.valenzuela@gmail.com https://lapatrioticointeresante.cl