La Cocina Pública is a device for the exchange, production and recording of culinary content. A nomadic kitchen, with a domestic and warm aesthetic that, housed in a maritime container, travels through the neighbourhoods creating social encounters around the table, a work in search of recipes, of aromas that unleash stories, recall characters and reveal intimate moments full of flavours and humanity. Its main actors, neighbourhood cooks, prepare their recipes together with the diners, generating a delicious collective event that allows the recognition of the diverse aesthetics, practices and culinary customs of the inhabitants of a territory.

The Public Kitchen is a work that exists to the extent that it is linked to the social environment in which it is installed. For this reason, despite having predetermined scenes and a script of stage actions, it is a work of great flexibility, a performance that adapts and nourishes itself from the circumstances found in the territory. In this sense, the previous territorial work of collecting stories and meetings with the participants is fundamental for the work to happen.

The public kitchen is a centre of horizontal cultural production and diffusion that generates an ephemeral community of action. Because we all have an intimate relationship with food. When we value the preparation of a dish, when we distinguish its ingredients, when we decide to combine them in certain ways, we play in the same terrain in which artistic creation operates. In the kitchen we can develop individual and collective creativity connected to our memories. Because we are heirs to culinary traditions, bearers of ancestral secrets and practices.

Contacto: Nicolás Eyzaguirre / Kevin Morizur