Living Mountains

A performative journey into the mountains that proposes connections of care between human bodies and the bodies of mountains, glaciers and water. In this process, the public will be able to recognise the mountains as living entities, active in the reproduction of water, full of knowledge and wisdom.

The Chilean version of the project draws on Santiago’s water history, weaving together past struggles for the democratisation of access to clean water with current ecological concerns.

After a bus tour, attendees will experience a performative ascent walk to Yerba Loca Park and Villa Paulina (on the road to Farellones), where they will meet beings performing, dancing and singing.

The artistic project of La Escuela de las Montañas y las Aguas, initiated by the Chilean-Mexican artist Amanda Piña, is framed within an investigation of the current loss of cultural and biological diversity on the planet. The potential interaction between art, indigenous knowledge, activism and scientific research in relation to the current climate crisis form the core of the project, which is conceived as a space to unlearn the colonial idea of the human as pre-existent and separate from that which sustains its life.

Artistic Direction: Amanda Piña / nadaproductions | Artistic Collaboration: Leonel Lienlaf, Cecilia Vallejos, Michel Jimenez, Juan José Ramirez Katira | Assistant Choreographer: Pierre-Louis Kerbart | Integral Design: Michel Jimenez | Performance, dance and song: Amanda Piña, Carolina Cifras, Alex Sanzana, Daniela Santibañez, Pierre-Louis Kerbart, Leonel Lienlaf, Juan José Ramirez | Music composition and sound design: Rodrigo Aros | Costumes: Federico Proto and Carolina Castro @europa_millon | General Producer: Nada Productions | Management and Distribution: Katharina Wallisch | Administration: Angela Vadori

* MONTAÑAS VIVAS is part of The SCHOOL OF THE MOUNTAINS AND THE WATERS in Chile, and is a production of the Terreno Común series of the international foundation Siemens Stiftung in collaboration with MIM, Museo Interactivo Mirador and GAM, Centro Gabriela Mistral, Amanda Piña / nadaproductions with the support of the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna (MA 7). With contributions by: Leonel Lienlaf, Dr. Paulina Aldunce (Climate and Resilience Centre CR2, UCH) Victoria Uranga -(Defender glaciers and mountains) Dr. Valentina Flores Aqueveque (Geology UCH), Pía Vergara Rubio ( Dir. Communications Relaves Foundation), Juan José Ramirez Katira (Mara’akame, Wixarika, artist and activist) ,Patricio Cavieres ( Activist- Inhabitant of Puente Alto). Text editing: Amanda Piña, Cecilia Vallejos and Soledad Falabella. Voices: Marta Huepe, Amanda Piña, Leonel Lienlaf, Michel Jiménez and María José Parga.

Contacto: Amanda Piña