Cheril Linett (1988)

Performance artist and stage director. Graduate in Theatre with a major in Performance (Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano). She is the author of the performance project Yeguada Latinoamericana. She began her artistic work in 2015, participating in meetings, festivals and, mainly, performing independently in public spaces. To date, she has created and directed numerous works, grouped in performance series such as Coreografía de la Succión, Poética de las Aguas, Vertiente Fúnebre and Casa. He has participated in group exhibitions in Chile and Germany. Recently, she had her first solo exhibition entitled “Del cuerpo a la carne” (Museo La Neomudéjar, Madrid).

To leave behind, to let go, to move, to transfer. To change. To change skin, to change house, to leave the house, to vacate the house. To leave the home of childhood memories. To change feathers, to change clothes, to change body, to leave the other skin. To leave one way of life, one affection for another. To leave home. To leave.

Contacto: Cheril Linett