NAZCA is a performing arts project that links astronomical sciences with the Andean geoglyphs of the Nasca Lines in Peru. The starting point of the project is a biographical fact of the director: in 2016 she was confronted with the death of her mother, at the same time as the birth of her second son. This experience led her to the need to spread the fact that the birth, life and death of a star is the cycle that generates everything that shapes and surrounds us. The play invites the audience to become astronomical observation machines, taking as a reference the functioning of the ALMA radio telescope (Atacama Desert, Chile) and to witness simultaneous scenes inspired by Maria Reiche, a German mathematician and physicist who dedicated more than 50 years to unearthing and establishing that the Nazca Lines are a great astronomical calendar: a mirror of the sky on earth.

NAZCA was selected for an Artist-in-Residence at Robert Wilson’s leading New York Watermill Center for the Arts in November 2021, where the first textual, spatial and audience engagement materials were tested. The work had its premiere and first season between 18 and 23 January at the Patio de Honor of the Instituto Nacional in Santiago de Chile, as part of Paisaje Público and Platea 22 of FITAM. In 2022 it will have its second season in Chile at the Centro Cultural Matucana 100.

Contacto: Paula Aros Gho