The seventh creation of Teatro Niño Proletario, is a scenic-audiovisual project that investigates and reflects on the importance of visual perception and memory, in a historical moment marked by the consumption and extreme abuse of the body and the image, and in a social political context that has confronted us as Chileans with the most terrible violation of human rights in recent times.

The cast includes Luz Jiménez, Rodrigo Velásquez, Ivo Luz, Ema Pinto and is the return to the stage of actor Jorge Becker.

Directed by: Francisco Medina

Assistant Director: Daniela Contreras

Cast: Ema Pinto, Jorge Becker, Rodrigo Velásquez, Luz Jiménez and Ivo Luz

Integral Design: Catalina Devia

Integral Design Assistance: Beatriz Souza

Music: Jaime Muñoz

Photography: Paz Errázuriz

Production: Erna Molina

Contacto: Francisco Medina