Journey Nº9

Is a street performance
participatory performance by the cia. Teatro del Sonido
which invites the audience to embark on a
journey through the senses and the collective imagination.
collective imagination.
The crew of the Compañía de
Acoustic Transports Company, intervenes the
public space through a 5.1 sound
a 5.1 sound device, turning the street into an
the street into an airport, in which the
audio-spectators are invited to
embark on a journey from the city to different landscapes of nature and
different landscapes of nature and memory.

Once on board, through actions created with objects and accompanied by a surround sound
objects and accompanied by an immersive sound, the captain and his crew
captain and his crew will guide the passengers to hidden places
the earth, entering a mystical jungle and culminating in the
mystical jungle and culminating in a collective carnival-like catharsis
carnivalesque catharsis, with live music.

Company Teatro del Sonido
Format and Direction Cristóbal Carvajal / Martin Erazo
Dramaturgy Martin Erazo
Sound Design Cristóbal Carvajal
Costumes Antonio Sepulveda
Production Josefina Cerda / Sergio Gilabert
Cast Juan Pablo Corvalán, Eli Dastres,
Sergio Gilabert, Alvaro Morales, Camila Rojas
Coproduction Culture Funds MINCAP / FITAM
Premiere January 2014 / Santiago a Mil
Duration 60 minutes
Country Chile
Discipline Street theatre / sensorial
Recommendation +10
Language Spanish / English / Adaptable to any language

Contacto: Cristobal Carvajal