VIDA IN VITRO – EXPERIMENTO SIMULACION is a staging of the performance collective La Simulada, which is generated from a scenic-theoretical research carried out thanks to FONDAE Residencia 2021 and which explores the link between the practice of medicine and individuals in Chilean society. The team is made up of 6 performers who exercise the profession of Simulated Patient, in which an actor or actress plays patients or health professionals in the context of clinical situations.

Research direction: Consuelo Zamorano Cadenas Assistant director: Ignacia Barrios Díaz Dramaturgy: Consuelo Zamorano Cadenas and La simulada Performers: Ignacia Barrios Díaz, Constanza Castro Díaz, Wadya Nazarala Mohor, Gerardo Orchard Gianetti, Leonardo Santana Miranda, Consuelo Zamorano Cadenas Scenographic and spatial design: La simulada Lighting design: Nicolette Michael Costume design: Lorena Álvarez Beroiza Musical composition: Alexandra Ellwanger Alfaro Graphics: Carlos Damacio Gómez Production: Ana Silva Wood Press: Patricio Aguilera.

Contacto: Consuelo Zamorano